We have au naturel ingredients + 21 Reasons why we are Unique...

 A simple list why WellnessPro is the best meal replacement shake on the planet...

  1. Gender Specific - Two Specific Formulas for Men and Women
  2. Protein Complex - Includes 5 “Fast and Slow” Proteins
  3. Amount of Protein per serving: 20g for Men and 15g for Women
  4. Aminogen® - Accelerates the Assimilation of Protein Amino Acids and Maximizes Benefits of Protein Intake
  5. Carbogen® - Accelerates Breakdown of Dietary Carbs and Effectively Controls Carb Metabolism
  6. Calcium - HeptaCalTM - Combination of 7 Sources of Calcium
  7. Chromium - Penta-ChromTM Combination of 5 Sources of Chromium
  8. Magnesium - QuadraMagTM - 4 Sources of Magnesium
  9. Phytonutrient Complex - Combination of Fruit, Vegetables, and Herbs
  10. Vitamins and Minerals Complex - Provides Key Nutrients
  11. With 2 Shakes You Won’t Need Any Additional Supplements
  12. Does Not Use Genetically Modified Sources
  13. Uses Only 100% Natural and Ecologically Clean Components
  14. Only 130 Calories
  15. Sweeteners - Sucralose Has No Calories and is 600 Times Sweeter Than Sucrose
  16. Does Not Include Aspartame
  17. Taste Complex - Delicious and Creamy Taste - No Aftertaste
  18. Manufacturing Standards/Quality Control - 3 Different Standards - All Products are Tested Twice
  19. Technology - Uses 2 Different Technologies to Preserve the Ingredients and Provide Better Assimilation of Nutrients
  20. Made in the U.S.A.
  21. International Expertise - All Products Have Been Designed by Dr. William E. Wheeler, International Nutrition Expert


Yes, they're organic

All our products are 100% natural and ecologically clean. No artificial colors or flavors. No aspartame. No genetic modifications.  Here is a few you might recognize:

There are more you won't recognize - and they are natural - just derivatives or enzymes or stuff like that with really long names. If the word that describes them is complicated, we can't expect the name to be simple now, can we?