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Making Money with Your WellnessPro Global Business

You wouldn't consider your very own business unless it rewarded you for your time and effort. Put simply, the WellnessPro Compensation Plan rewards you for sharing the product and the opportunity with others.

You can earn income from:

  • Retail profit on product sales to customers.
  • Fast Cash opportunities- Paid Weekly.
  • Level Overrides on purchases of your team. 
  • Monthly Royalty bonuses based on monthly group productivity.
  • Monthly and annual bonuses and other cash awards and organizational business incentives based on personal and/or group performance.
  • Weekly advancement Bonuses, Car Bonuses and much more!

 Simple Steps to Success

WellnessPro Consultants who grow the most successful businesses use the products themselves, sell retail to customers,  and build strong teams. 

Step 1: Learn.

The only way to truly understand your products is to use them. Knowing what our products can do for you is important when presenting them as solutions for your customers. You'll also want to fully understand the compensation plan and WellnessPro’s terms and conditions for business conduct.  Please make sure to use your Wellness Consultant Toolbox. You can also direct questions to us or your sponsor at any time for further training.

Step 2: Share the Product 

As your product knowledge increases, you will discover people all around you who can benefit from the WellnessPro products and business.  Retail selling is the easiest way to earn money quickly. 

Step 3: Build.

For some of your friends, products provide the solution they seek.  For others, the WellnessPro business opportunity will have strong appeal as they seek a business that can help them achieve their goals.  When you introduce them to the business, you will be rewarded for the business volume they generate.  


To start your own WellnessPro business, you must sign a Wellness Consultant Agreement with and purchase a Wellness Consultant Kit.  The agreement enables WellnessPro Independent Consulants to earn income through the WellnessPro Compensation Plan and binds WellnessPro Consultants to abide by the WellnessPro Terms and Conditions and Business Conduct in the Distributor Agreement.

If you know an existing WellnessPro Consultant, you should discuss with him or her how this business can help you achieve your personal goals.  If you aren't interested in working with a particular Independent Consultant or don't know one and are interested in being sponsored, let us know and we'll introduce you to a someone in your area.

Please contact

After all, this is all about enriching your life and the lives of others.  Being a WellnessPro has never been easier and better for you.  


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