Mpower / libido charger

Want to be a Superhero?


It turns out vegetables may be good for more than you thought. Our combination of amino acids (L-Arginine*), vitamins, minerals, and a natural activating blend  boosts libido, improves sexual performance, and supports prostate health.

All with none of the side effects of prescription drugs.

Key benefits/ingredients:

  • L-Arginine
  • Activiting blend of: Oysters, Saw Palmetto, Deer Horn, Siberian Ginseng
  • Mineral Complex including:  Zinc (as amino acid chelate and zinc oxide), Hepta-Cal(7 forms of Calcium), Vitamins B-12, C & Niacin)
  • helps to boost libido and improve sexual performance
  • helps to support prostate health
  • combines both Western and Chinese most recent medical science
  • none of the side effects of prescription drugs


  • take two tablets daily, 1-2hrs before bed time

Get charged.  Marvel in the power of Mpower!

100% natural. ecologically clean. environmentally friendly.
no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no wheat. no gluten.
no genetically modified ingredients. no yeast.

Nutrition Facts

*based on 1998 Nobel Prize wining discovery in Physiology.


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