The Company

Your wellness matters to us.  And we're Pros.

As people continue to live longer - often with no intent to slow down - we're increasingly seeking out wellness products to keep us looking and feeling good.

And there are a lot out there. Yet even with all the choices, we saw an opportunity to improve - particularly in QUALITY, TASTE and overall BENEFITS to your body.

So in 2005 we asked our nutrition expert to help us make the best-tasting, all-natural shake to keep the body running healthier.  We wanted to improve how the body works - like absorbing calcium and protein more efficiently. And also blocking carbs more effectively. A tall order - but 3 years later, our product is the leading health shake in the world.

And now we have even more to offer you. Which is why we're so excited you're here, focusing on a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. One that we can't wait to help you achieve and maintain.

From quality, world-class products to personal pros who can help develop your customized total well-being plan, we're here to keep you motivated and reaching for those goals.

As you continue your journey through our site, stop to congratulate yourself just for being here.

Or contact us.  We'd love to congratulate you too!

Your healthy transformation has already begun…

We make it personal

Vision Statement:

We Enrich the Quality of Life through Advanced Nutrition.  

Mission Statement:

WellnessPro is committed to enriching life across all demographics through advanced nutrition by enlisting world class scientists utilizing cutting edge technology and the highest quality ingredient sourcing while being ecologically responsible.  

WellnessPro Brand Promise:

“WellnessPro delivers the highest quality, complete nutrition to everyone.”