Our nutrition expert

Professor William E. Wheeler

We don't just focus on quality, organic ingredients. We make sure they combine to create the best nutritional balance for your needs.

That's where our scientific consultant and board member, professor William E. Wheeler, comes in. As a world-class nutritionist for nearly three decades, he continues to add to his innovative body of work, which includes:

  • developer of 6,200 nutritional products distributed worldwide
  • author of 260 scientific publications
  • winner of three presidential awards for excellence
  • advisor to professional athletes, including members of the green bay packers, los angeles dodgers and washington wizards
  • honorable member of three scientific societies
  • distinguished professor of capital university of integrative medicine, washington, d.c. (2001)
  • staff nutritionist for:
    • us olympic snowboarding team (2002)
    • us olympic decathlon team (1996)
    • president of the united states (1976-1981)

With Dr. Wheeler overseeing our exclusive product blends, you can now count your body among his impressive collection of work!

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