Fitness and weight management might seem a complex issue to many, but it’s simply a matter of following simple rules and knowing some fundamental facts. An example of a fundamental fact is the Metabolic Rate (MR). MR is the rate at which the body burns up calories. A body that consumes 3,000 calories a day and burns 3,000 calories a day will stay at the same weight. A body consuming 3,000 calories daily but burning only 2,500 will gain weight at the rate of about one pound a week. You burn calories to provide energy for three main functions:

Basic Metabolic Rate: This is the amount of calories you burn just by being alive, even when you’re doing nothing. It accounts for approximately 60 percent of calories you burn.

 Burning Calories For Activity: This is the energy used during movement- from lifting your arm to button your shirt to cleaning house. This accounts for approximately 30percent of the calories you burn.

Dietary Thermogenesis: The calories burned in the process of eating, digesting, absorbing and using food. You can influence all these factors, and speed up your rate of burning calories, using the following tactics:

  • Build muscle: increase the amount of muscle in your body. For every extra pound of muscle you put on, your body uses around 50 extra calories a day.
  • Be active: the average person burns about 30 percent of calories through daily activity; sedentary people only use about 15 percent. Taking every opportunity to move can make quite a difference to the amount of calories you burn.
  • Eat spicy foods: spices, especially chili, can raise the metabolic rate by up to 50 percent for up to 3 hours after you’ve eaten a spicy meal. •
  • Aerobic exercise: high-intensity exercise makes you burn more calories during exercise and for several hours afterwards.
  • Eat little often: eating healthy small regular meals will keep your metabolism going faster than larger, less frequent meals and often helps control hunger, making you less likely to binge.
    • Quick Tip 1: Doing just 10 minutes a week of Plyometrics (jumping drills) can make a difference in your fitness by making you faster and more agile.
    • Quick Tip 2: Interval Cardio (high intensity followed by low intensity activities back and forth) is the best way to bun calories fast!  


Garba “Mister G” Onadja - Personal Fitness & Wellness Consultant, www.gbodyfusion.com

Find upward bliss in down dog - 6 reasons to start doing yoga  

Before finding yoga, my body was a wound up tight little ball of stress and inflexibility.  It was a challenge to touch my toes, balance, focus, relax, and quiet my mind.A year ago, I made a commitment to practice yoga at least once a week.   I stepped into a small yoga studio in Santa Monica, CA and from that day on everything changed.  After a few weeks of practice I began to notice big differences in my body and you will too.The following are 7 of many reasons to start doing yoga.  

1. Weight Loss.

Adding yoga to your exercise and nutrition program will aide in weight loss.  You burn 400 - 600 calories in a yoga class, sweat out toxins, and lower the amount of cortisol in your body. One of my personal training clients lost his first 110 lbs simply by practicing yoga 3 days a week and by modifying his diet. Yoga + WellnessPro Balanced Nutrition = Weight Loss.

2 Stress Relief.

In response to stress and anxiety out bodies produce a hormone called cortisol.  Cortisol is known to increase blood pressure, blood sugar, and reduce immune responses.  Practicing yoga encourages relaxation, and is known to lower the amount of cortisol in your body.  Not only does yoga allow you to relax, it reduces the lasting effects of stress on your body.

3. Flexibility & Posture.

Moving through the vinyasa, practicing alignment, and transitioning from pose to pose helps increase flexibility while improving range of motion.   The benefits of yoga include lengthening the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your body to help you become more flexible.   Before practicing yoga I could not touch my toes, or pull my shoulders back.Now I have the freedom that flexibility allows.

4. Breath work.

In yoga breath and movement go hand in hand much like in proper weight training.   Yoga allows you to increase lung capacity, and trigger the body’s relaxation response.  Try Taking 10 deep breaths with your eyes closed.Notice how your body responds with relaxation.

5. Increased Strength.

Yoga poses use all the muscles in your body and help you increase your strength level from head to toe.  The benefits of yoga and daily exercises will help you strengthen your muscles close to the bones, which increase the support of your skeletal system as well.   I now have increased strength and stamina during all of my workouts

6. Tranquility & Inner Peace.

Perhaps the most beneficial reason to practice yoga is to find tranquility in your day.  The combination of breath work, stretching, and physical activity brings peace to the moment.  When you allow your mind to leave all of the days problems, conversations, and expectations behind for a moment, you will be hooked!


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Exercise Of the Week

Cat-Cow Stretch / Warm Up

This helps to loosen the joints of the spine and restore flexibility to the spinal muscles and ligaments.

  • Starting position: Start on all fours, hands and knees on the floor. Knees are hip width apart and hands are below your shoulders, elbows straight but not locked. Look down at the floor.
  • Action 1: As you exhale, let your head move toward the chest while rounding your back like a cat (spine toward ceiling). Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Action 2: As you inhale, slowly yield to gravity. Let your stomach move toward the floor (arching lower back) while allowing your shoulder blades to move together. Hold for 10 seconds. Alternate between the two positions.



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