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May 24th, 2014

1st Spanish Leadership Conference

WellnessPro held it's first leadership conference in Los Angeles. With many new Wellness Consultants and guests in attendance, WellnessPro recognized the top performers and Founding team members. Click here for more photos: Facebook Photos.

Nov. 1st

Leadership Starter Pack - Available NOW

Become part of the WellnessPro movement and be part of the Founders Group - click here

February 26th

NuWelle™ goes Hollywood!

NuWelle™ skin care debuts in Los Angeles amid the glamour of Oscar Gala - click here

December 10th

WOW! 2011 - NuWelle™ Launch

WellnessPro officially launched a NEW anti-aging skin care line NuWelle™!

Now available in Russia and Europe! - click here

December 5, 2011

National Congress for Dieticians and Nutritionists

No other meal replacement shake on the market has undergone and successfully passed 3 clinical trials! - click here

November 22, 2011

Sample Packets - Now Available!

Women's Balanced Nutrition Vanilla Shake Packets are the most convenient way to take your shake to work, the gym and on vacation. They are also a great way to grow and promote your business! - click here

October 21, 2011

New Weight Loss Brochure Now Available!

This is a great marketing tool that will grow your business! Let others know about the incredible results people get while using the WellnessPro products. - click here

August 25, 2011

WellnessPro is Now Kosher Certified! 

WellnessPro is happy to announce that our manufacturing facility in United States, California has successfully passed the Kosher Certification process.  - click here

July 12, 2011

WellnessPro Millionaire Vacation Recap

The WellnessPro Millionaire Vacation 2011 was huge success. Leaders from Europe qualified for the trip by attaining 15,000 PRV in just 3 months; this Millionaire Vacation was well deserved! Congratulations! click here

June 1st, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Over the past few years we have accomplished many of our goals, overcome major obstacles and solidified our image as one of the most advanced nutritional companies in the industry.- click here

May 1st, 2011

New Office Location

WellnessPro is happy to announce that the Corporate Headquarters will be moving into a new office as of May 2nd, 2011. We look forward to settling into the new location and welcome all of our distributors, clients and friends to visit us at: 21800 Oxnard St #1195 Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

 The new office is conveniently located in the prestigious financial district of Woodland Hills, next to several hotels and shopping centers. To view more information about the new location click here.

April 18th, 2011

WellnessPro on TV

In October of 2010 in Moscow, Russia, 12 contestants were chosen to participate in a nationally televised weight loss program supervised by the top dieticians of the country. The results are amazing! - click here 

March  22nd, 2011


Donation to Salvation Army


In the beginning of February, WellnessPro donated over a ton of the Gender Specific Balanced Nutrition shakes to Salvation Army's disaster relief program. - click here 


January 24, 2011

Wellness Rewards Program

It's time to get rewarded with more than just good health! WellnessPro is happy to announce the official launch of the Wellness Rewards Program (WRP)!   WRP will allow you to conveniently place orders and earn points that can be redeemed for fabulous rewards! A list of prizes is available inside the WRP booklet.   By being enrolled in the Wellness Rewards Program, you'll be able to:

  • Accumulate Reward Points!
  • Save Money!
  • Save Time!
  • Get FREE Product!
  • Receive Special Deals available to WRP members only!

.... And much more!   Reward points began accumulating on January 1st, so if you already received your monthly order, you're ahead of the game! As a Special Promotional Launch, all NEW ACO/Custom ACOs placed between today and January 31st will earn double points! 

Reward Yourself and Your Wallet!   Sign up today!

December 1st, 2010

WOW! 2010 International Leadership Conference Recap

On November 15-17th  WellnessPro Leaders gathered to attend WOW! Leadership Conference at one of the world’s most esteemed centers for Education, Sports Medicine and Research, the Wingate Institute, Israel. Wingate hosts prestigious international sport science conferences and serves as a training centre for the Israeli Olympic Team. WellnessPro had the unique honor of being hosted at the Wingate Institute as just recently WellnessPro Balanced Nutrition successfully passed several stages of clinical trials at the institute and is currently the only meal replacement endorsed by the Wingate Medical Board.

The 3 day seminar was jam packed with appearances by Tatiana Kolpakova - Vice President of Marketing, world renowned doctors, top athletes, WellnessPro leaders, distributors and guests with amazing personal results and testimonials!

The Leadership Coordination Counsel (team of top producers from each country) presented the attendees with the unique support system that has prompted and allowed to sustain the recent exponential growth! The system included online and offline trainings, various methods of operation, new marketing tools and much more. The volume has almost tripled since June, 2010 due to successful implementation of Wellness Clubs, Weight Loss Challenges, 2-Day Seminars and, of course, the preferred method of operation - Wellness Evaluation that was unanimously chosen as the single most successful way of recruiting.  

WOW! 2010 was also the launch of the new Book of Testimonials produced by the Leadership Counsel. The booklet contains a collection of over 80 different success stories that are sure to resonate with each reader.

The 3 days were filled with lots of excitement and emotions that is sure to give those who have attended the motivation and energy to finish off the year strong and head into 2011 with bold plans and new goals! Thank you all those who have attended, we look forward to seeing you at WOW! 2011!


October 14th, 2010

1st Annual Water Run

WellnessPro was a proud sponsor of the 1st Annual Water Run!

The Water Run held in Medicine Hat, AB Canada had tremendous success raising $49,000! Congratulations to Nehemiah Construction! - click here

September 14, 2010

WellnessPro at Salsa Festival in San Diego

INfrusion Energy Drink will be featured by Albert Torres Productions at the 4th Annual Salsa-Bachata Festival September 16 - 19. Hundreds of top Salsa and Bachata Dancers will be flying fron dozens of different countries to show off their skills and dance to some of the hottest Latin beats!

The event will be taking place at the Town & Country Resort in San Diego, California. If you are near San Diego, this is one event you do not want to miss!

Enjoy a refreshing INfrusion Energy drink and dance the night away with Salsa fans from around the globe. All levels are welcome. For more information about the event CLICK HERE!

August 1, 2010
WellnessPro Announces a Facebook Contest!

Now WellnessPro distributors can get paid to post health and fitness tips to their facebook walls!  

The proprietary Facebook Application designed for WellnessPro in January of this year has been updates with dozens of new health and wellness related posts. WellnessPro distributors are able to take advantage of the information offered and share it with their facebook friends and acquaintances. Each application is connected to the distributor’s replicated website enabling application visitors to purchase the product seamlessly. Those who use the application most will win cash prizes that will be credited to their Distributor back offices.

To check out the WellnessPro facebook application go to  If you are not currently a distributor, but would like to use the facebook application, click the Join button and become a FREE Affiliate. You will get 10% of the product, your very own replicated website, facebook application and opportunity to start earning 10% profit on all the products you sell!

May 28, 2010  

WellnessPro To Sponsor 2010 12th annual L.A. Salsa Congress Event May 27th - 30th

 LOS ANGELES, CA -WellnessPro, pioneers in the field of nutrition and longevity, have announced their continuing partnership with the 2010 Los Angeles Salsa Congress, to be held at the LAX Radisson Hotel.Beginning on Thursday, May 27th and extending through Sunday, May 30th, WellnessPro will be on location supporting the annual festivities and imparting a wealth of information throughout the 4 day event.Dancers and event goers alike are encouraged to interact with WellnessPro professionals for nutritional information, materials, and to sample their patented all natural energy supplement, Infrusion

Salsa Congress offers attendees a weekend of dance, performance, instructional courses, and salsa competition.Scheduled performers include Ismael Miranda, Johnny Polanco, a Hector Lavoe Tribute by Angel Melendez, and Costazul.Salsa tutorials and instructional courses will be offered by Los Angeles’ own Rogelio Moreno. 

WellnessPro continues to take a leading approach to the nutrition business, offering health products andbusiness opportunities to enhance the quality of life.The WellnessPro product lines are exclusively developed under the supervision of an international nutrition expert and former United States Presidential and Olympic Team    

WellnessPro Announces Launch of "L.A. Flyaway Weight Loss Challenge"

LOS ANGELES, CA -- 03/15/10 -- (Luthier Society, Inc.) -- WellnessPro, pioneers in the field of nutrition and longevity, have announced the launch of the "LA Flyaway Weight Loss Challenge." The contest begins March 15th and ends on May 1. The massive prize includes a flight to LA, three nights stay, a spa package, a free eclipse personal training day, and a health and wealth consultation.

Five winners will be chosen to participate via WellnessPro's innovative Facebook application. Each participant will be sponsored by WellnessPro and will receive 2 months supply of weight loss and nutritional products, weekly food diaries, access to a personal fitness trainer and more. Upon completion of the 8 week challenge, the participant with the largest percentage of body fat lost will win a trip to Los Angeles, California along with a spa treatment, and a personal health and wealth consultation.

WellnessPro's commitment to using the tools of Social Media is one example of their industry-leading approach to the nutrition business. The WellnessPro product lines are exclusively developed under the supervision of an international nutrition expert and former United States Presidential and Olympic Team advisor.

About WellnessPro:
WellnessPro is an innovative wellness company. WellnessPro products are created by world experts utilizing the latest discoveries in biochemistry and dietology to deliver the best and most advanced nutritional and personal care solutions offered by the industry today. WellnessPro products are 100% natural, ecologically clean, have no genetic modification, use advanced cold processing and chelate technology, gluten free, no wheat, no yeast, Aspartame free, with no artificial colors. WellnessPro products are sold through independent Distributors worldwide.

WellnessPro Media Sheet:

For More Information on WellnessPro:

For Media and Press:
John Royal
Luthier Society, Inc.

Read more:,1205290.shtml#ixzz0jDseAaXC


February 25, 2010

WellnessPro Vacation Winners Announced!

The first ever WellnessPro Vacation Winners were announced on February 25, 2010!

Diamond Supervisors Marv N. and Betty G. - aka MB Enterprises - are packing their bags and headed to an all-expense paid vacation to Maui, Hawaii!

Marv and Betty are true leaders in the business of WellnessPro in both recruiting and sales volume.  They lead by example every day in all of their efforts.  Did we mention they are also really nice people? 

We congratulate Marv and Betty and wish them a sunscreen-filled fun time in Maui!


 January 10, 2010

WellnessPro TV Launches on YouTube!

WellnessPro Launched it's own YouTube Channel on January 10, 2010. 

The channel includes an informative video on WellnessPro, videos of our Distributors, work out vdeos from our Fitness Expert, testimononials from all over the globe and much more!

Click here to see what's on the tube!

January 3, 2010

2010 is Here!

WellnessPro welcomes 2010 and all the new year has to offer.

We're starting off the new year by launching the WellnessPro Distributor Weight-Loss Challenges.  These Weight-Loss challenges are available to all WellnessPro Distributors.  All the tools needed to run a challenge are located, free of charge, in the WellnessPro Distributor Toolbox.

It's a great way to get a group together, socialize, and have some FUN while you take off a few pounds or inches after the recent holidays!

Did we mention it's also great for business?

Here's to the beginning of a healthy, wealthy and productive 2010!

December 14, 2009  

WellnessPro launches industry first Facebook application!

We're revolutionizing the wellness Industry!

WellnessPro has been busy in the factory creating the first-ever Facebook application for Direct-Selling.  Delivered to our Independent Distributors just in time for the holidays! 

We are making it easier to reach out and spread the WellnessPro Nutrition Mission and Wealth Opportunity.  

Let’s look at the numbers Directly from Facebook:    

  • Company Figures
    More than 350 million active users - 50% log on to Facebook in any given day - More than 55 million status updates posted each day
  • Average User Figures  
    Average user has 130 friends on the site - Average user sends 8 friend requests per month - Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook
  • International Growth
    More than 70 translations available on the site  - About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States - Over 300,000 users helped translate the site through the translations application  
  • Mobile
    There are more than 65 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices -  People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are almost 50% more active on Facebook than non-mobile users - There are more than 180 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products.      

There's never been a better time to be a part of the World of WellnessPro.

Become a Distributor.  Take the next step.  Then start CLICKING to grow your business.  

The WellnessPro Facebook application is only available for active WellnessPro Independent Distributors or above, who have an active account with Facebook.

October 20, 2009

WellnessPro Launches Omega Ultra! 

How is your Think Tank" circulating?

It’s Here!

The End All, Be All of Omega!

We are excited to introduce the latest product to our family of amazing supplements. 

For those of you not at the WOW! Global Launch Event, here are the key benefits of Omega Ultra: ·

  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels ·
  • Helps support circulation and healthy blood vessels ·
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune response and blood flow ·
  • Provides antioxidant protection ·
  • Contains Cholesstrinol - a patented ingredient

This advanced formulation of Omega Ultra is designed to protect and strengthen the cardiovascular system.  It includes a strong-acting complex and unique combination of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids derived from refined marine lipids and natural plants and vegetable oils.

And when you have a healthier cardiovascular system you have a healthier brain.  What we like to call the “Think Tank”.  

October 19, 2009

WOW! Global Launch - October 15-17, 2009

The WOW! Global Launch Event was a huge success!  Distributors from around the world attended the event to learn more about WellnessPro and to become excited and motivated for the year to come.

Saturday morning began with an early morning "No Gym Required" work-out with our fitness expert, Reza Pazooki.  Everyone who attended got a hard work-out and was energized for the rest of the day.  When they finished their exercise, they stopped by the WellnessPro Smoothie Bar to make shakes.  It was the perfect breakfast to get ready for the big day’s events.

The General Session started off with a very impressive video showing the future of WellnessPro.  Everyone was so pleased with the video that it got a standing ovation.  We will have the video available for download very soon.  It should be the video that you show your prospective distributors.

Stephen Parks, Director of Global Marketing began the Event with talks about many topics including the Corporate Vision, the hybrid business model and the company's plans for 2010.  Tatiana Kolpakov, Executive Vice-President of Marketing, talked about the products, their benefits and the science and technology behind the products.  She also talked about the many reviews and clinical trials about our products.  Then Claudia Del Valle, Marketing Manager, spoke about the Hispanic market, who number more than 45.5 million in the United States alone as of 2007.  She talked about the different ways to sell to the Hispanic market and how it is more of a person-to-person approach.

After lunch, we had many guest speakers, including the keynote speech from Johnny Royal about the future of marketing and introducing new avenues to sell products including Socialnomics and Viral Marketing.

Johnny Miller showed an amazing video about a groundbreaking Facebook application that will only be available to WellnessPro Distributors!  So if you don’t have a Facebook account, you need to get one soon.  Go to and sign up today!

G.E.T. I member, Todd B., talked about the new toll-free number that you can use to have a prospect call and they will hear a 4 minute talk about WellnessPro Nutrition and also the Business Opportunity.

Wally C. brought down the house with his song, "We Will Shake You".  He pumped up the crowd and got them excited before his speech.  He spoke about Duplication, which is a system that if you recruited 3 people and in the next month those three people recruited three people and you repeated that pattern up to 12 months you will have earn over $8 million!  Very impressive!

Marvin N. and Betty G. talked about Edification and Sponsoring.  Edification is the act of uplifting someone.  So if you give credibility to your up-line and they in turn give credibility to you, then your customer is more likely to buy from you.  For this reason, sometimes it’s important to have your up-line on your calls with your customers.  Betty talked about selling the product to everyone and telling the audience that WellnessPro is a gift that you are giving your customers to change their lives forever.

The most moving talk of the day was given by Dave M., who talked about the Nehemiah Construction Ministries, which will become WellnessPro’s new charity.  The construction creates water wells for people who don’t have clean drinking water in Africa.  For more information, go to the following link: 

We all took a break and got all dressed up for the Cocktail Party and Hollywood Photo Shoot.  The photo shoot was a lot of fun and a highlight of the event.  All of the Distributor’s "inner celebrities" came out with Oscar statues and a table full of "bling" to wear during the shoot.  We will have an on-line gallery of photos for your review up very shortly.  

After dinner we had the Recognition Rally and Party.  Distributors who were recognized were:

Todd B. - Extraordinary Achievement

Antonya K. - Extraordinary Achievement

Galina I. K. - Extraordinary Achievement

Nadezhda V. K. - $1,000 Winner of 15 Distributor Recruitment Contest

David M. - $300 Winner of the Biggest Weight Lost Contest

Pat P.- Newest G.E.T. I Member

Angela R. - Extraordinary Achievement

Yevgenya S. - Extraordinary Achievement 

Once the accolades were given out, the party started and Distributors danced until the wee hours of the morning.  

On Saturday, we had the final session which included talks from Tatiana, Stephen and Claudia.  Stephen talked about the PCO, flexible ACO, and the new Rewards and Recognition Contest.  Details about the new promotion were given out this week.  Claudia spoke about the new Wellness Clubs and Weight Loss Challenges as new examples to market.

The highlight of the day was Tatiana’s launch of Omega Ultra, which is available for sale now!  It's retail price is $46.00, SKU # 5004, RV 20.

Finally, the distributors from Kazakhstan gave all  the WellnessPro Staff and the Guest Speakers traditional hats and gifts from their country.   It was a wonderful surprise.  Everyone here at WellnessPro were very thankful for the great gifts.

The Wow! Global Launch Event was an educational and fun time for all who attended.  We hope to see you the next time we have an event!!


August 28, 2009

WellnessPro partners with Salsa Congress to step it up!!

So you think you can dance?  We sure hope you can!

WellnessPro is proud to announce our partnership with ATP Events and Salsa Congress!  

Albert Torres, King of Salsa has been using WellnessPro now for over two years.  With his hectic schedule and travelling - it's hard to stay healthy.  WellnessPro shakes are a big part of his routine, and the simplest way to get the nutrients he needs to dance for hours and hours!

He takes WellnessPro on the road, and now WellnessPro is going with him! 

Albert and the Salsa Congress have events worlwide almost every weekend of the year.  WellnessPro will be featured at most of these events with booths, product information and sampling.  There will be lots of Infrusion there, too!

Albert would love to see other WellnessPro distributors at all of his Salsa events - so stay tuned for the upcoming "SALSA" section of the Distributor News Site.  Here you will find all information on local and international events.  So get those dancing shoes ready!!









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